With our Wine Shop POS, your business will get better with time. Cheers POS — vino wine.

While a customer may be a beginner at wine, the capabilities of your Cheers Point of Sale System are not.  Cheers POS started in a liquor store with a large selection of wine.  Due to this, we have fields in our complete retail pos that are specified to your business’ needs.  Within Cheers POS, all your inventory will be completely searchable.  Old world, new world, dry, dessert, red, white, rosé can all be categorized within your Cheers POS System.  Both you and your Cheers POS system will be able to help your customers with their needs.


Grow your business with Cheers POS because we know wine in ways that would make other point of sale systems blush.

What do the numbers 1.75 vs. 1.5 mean to you?  If you were to hear, “Where do you keep your pinot,” how would you respond?  Does white wine come from green grapes while red wine comes from red and black grapes?  We can answer these questions because we know wine.  And you know wine.  Does your current point of sale system know wine?  Is it able to handle the differences among all of your inventory or must you make due with a point of sale system that was generically designed for retail?  Can you find all your wine easily with your current point of sale system?  Cheers POS is full bodied, it is your complete cloud based retail point of sale system.

Cheers POS is the best Wine POS for your store!

Opening your Cheers Point of Sale System for the day is easy.  Ringing up sales is easy.  Adding and updating inventory is easy.  Making purchase orders to your distributors and sales representatives are easy.  Adding customers and employees to your Cheers POS System is easy.  Closing out for the night is easy.  Every operational aspect about Cheers POS is easy.  Making wine takes a while but getting used to and using your Cheers POS System does not.


Discover everything you need with the domestic Cloud Based Retail Point of Sale Solution designed with your shop in mind.

Do you have a point of sale system?  Does it keep track of ALL your inventory?  If you need help with your point of sale system, are you able to get ahold of a helpful and knowledgeable agent who cares about your business?  Cheers POS is designed to cater to YOUR store.  We are not merely a template from a grocery or clothing retail pos system, we have invented Cheers POS for the alcohol industries.

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