Manage Your Store From Anywhere

Virtual Store Back Office Management

Cheers POS gives you the ability to work within your store virtually from anywhere you have an internet connection. The next time you’re on vacation, you can pull up your Cheers POS account on any computer, tablet, or phone.  Keep track of your store’s performance even if you’re not physically there.

virtual back office from the comfort of home

Generate Reporting Online

Cheers POS lets you access all the reporting you need to keep a close eye on your store’s performance. You can print yesterday’s sales report, submit taxes, figure out payroll, and complete a wholesale order from your home.

Create Purchase Orders and Invoices Virtually

 Invoicing is a time consuming chore that must be done weekly. Instead of occupying a register lane at the front, you now have a choice to leave the store and find a quiet place without distractions.  Be more productive in less time.

No Big Software Installation or Downloading Required

Cheers POS is a forward thinking company and we built our system with you in mind. You don’t have to install a program on your computer or download another application on your phone. Running your store is as easy as going to your favorite website.

What Our Customers Have to Say

We really like Cheers as a company they really know our business and if every time we have any questions they have good answers. Highly recommend. Thanks guys! 

Julia Smith

Manager of CT Liquor Kansas City

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