REVIEW: Standard Beverage Corporation Tasting 2016

Standard Beverage Corporation Holiday Product Showcase/Tasting 2016

We managed to heed most of our own advice we gave yesterday

This may be a little late in posting and there’s a reason for that: we had a good time yesterday.

There were well over 60 tables, some with over 10 products to sample.

We were greeted, before we got into the convention hall, with Frio Beer.  They were giving away entire chilled cans to those coming to the convention.  We meant to take one on the way out, but, decided not to, as it would just sit in our fridge.  Though we do not by any means hate beer, it’s not our first selection here at Cheers POS.  We were told, by some in our adjacent party, that it was light & crisp.


Kansas Crown

Table 1

Diageo, Table 1:  We sampled Smirnoff Peppermint, Bailey’s Pumpkin Spice, and Captain Morgan Jack O’Blast at the first table.  We liked them all (though, it took a little time for us to taste the pumpkin in the Captain Morgan’s).  The draw about the Smirnoff Peppermint was the scratch & sniff bottle.  We kid you not.  The woman behind the counter (there’s representatives to pour AND inform about ALL the products at these events, the Intelligence) displayed this for us by scratching the bottle and letting us sniff it.  We do not know if this is the product, as it only lists, “Smirnoff Peppermint,” in the display book, but, we include this to show what the bottle looks like.  We did like the Bailey’s which was creamy & pumpkin flavored.

Tables 2 – 9

Moet Hennessy USA, Table 2:  We have Glenmorangie 10 Yr marked to try, but, do not remember if we tried this.

Palm Bay Int., Table 3:  Chase Potato Vodka.  We tried this.  It was not smooth and tasted like wheat vodka.

Anchor Distilling, Table 4:  We MIGHT have tried something here, BUT, we cannot remember.  We did make a note, “Absinthe.”  We made this note because there was a banner for Absinthe, but, we did not see any to sample.  Anchor Distilling Intelligence behind the table told us a few reasons for this.  1) Management told him no.  2) Management told him no because of the high proof of the absinthe.  3) Also, he did not have the cool water & sugar cube apparatus to make it properly.  Please note, Anchor Distilling has 6 absinthe’s.  Anchor Distilling Intelligence told us they were the real thing.

Dripping Springs, Table 5:  Dripping Springs Orange Vodka.  Vodka infused with orange peels.  It tasted like vodka with orange flavor.  This product was dry.  It was made with sweet corn.  It was smooth.

Tables 10 – 15

Total Beverage Solution, Table 10:  Montenegro Amaro.  Tasted herbal.  Total Beverage Solution Intelligence informed us it was mostly for use in mixed drinks.

Jomanda, Table 11:  Grand Mayan Anejo.  Please check out the bottle.  It was smooth, but, our taster said she did not like it.

Woody Creek Distillers, Table 13:  Woody Creek Vodka.  We do not think we were impressed with this one, though it was made with potato.

Zodiac, Table 13:  Horizon Gin.  We are trying to develop our palate’s for gin.  This tasted like gin.  We thought we tasted the juniper, but, Mr. Thomas D. Benson, President, told us we are probably tasting the Lupine Flower.  The gin and the two vodkas (Zodiac and Zodiac Black Cherry) are all made from potato.  Mr. Benson was very amiable and had literature on his table.  We are impressed.

Standard Beverage Corporation KC & UB Divisions, Table 14:  We made a note of, “AC/DC Thunder Struck Tequila.”  SBC Intelligence behind the table told us that Thunder Struck got AC/DC’s permission to use their logo, but, that’s as much as he knew about AC/DC’s involvement (for we had asked).  We tried Prichard’s Praline Cream.  It was sweet.  We did not taste any particular nuttiness about it.  We also tried Firelit Coffee Liqueur.  It tasted like black coffee, it was on the other end of the spectrum from The Grind’s coffee liqueur.


Decorated tree in the showroom.

United Beverage

Remy Cointreau USA, Table 17:  We tried Remy Xo.  We need to develop our palates for cognac.

Beam Suntory, Table 18:  Effen Green Apple.  It tasted exactly like how one would expect a green apple anything to taste.

Infinium Spirits, Table 22:  Kerrygold Irish Cream.  We like Kerrygold butter & cheese.  We were told that, just like their other products, it’s all about the quality of their cream.  It did look richly creamy.  Other than that, there is nothing that was remarkable about it.  We would like to sample Kerrygold, Bailey’s, & Ryan’s next to each other to see what we can come up with.  If this tasting ever comes to fruition, we will let you know.

Sazerac, Table 25:  You guys.  We have found the best marketing plan EVER!  In the display book, they have listed, “Granny’s Gingerbread.”  We would LOVE to tell you how it was, but we were told by Sazerac Intelligence that they sold out of it so they could not bring it to the showcase.  This just makes us want it more.  (Supply-Demand.)  Those who invited us to the liquor tasting just tried to order it.  No. Luck.  UPDATE:  One liquor store  we contacted WAS able to order it (whether it comes or not is a different story).   The Assistant Manager said the distributor showed they had 7 cases.

Premium Wine

Prestige, Table 28: Luccio Strawberry.  Tasted like strawberry, BUT, because our taster just had some dessert item, she could not taste the sweetness of this product.

Ozeki — JP Wine Marketing, Table 33:  Ozeki Nigori Sake was marked to try, but, I think we actually tried Ozeki Platinum Jumai Daiginjo.  It was good, smooth, and nearly flavorless.  One of our party has yet to try a sake she does not like.  This was the last table we went to, with, maybe about 5 minutes of the Tasting remaining.  Ozeki Intelligence was trying to push off more of the sake on us.  We had approximately a 1 1/2 hour drive home, which was one of the reasons we decided against more sake.

Constellation Brands, Table 34:  We might have tried Ruffino Sparling Rose’.  If we did, we did not hate it, though, there was nothing particularly remarkable about it.

Accolade/Zonin.Goldschmidt/MHW/Vinnico/Middleton Family, Table 41:  Tosalet Priorat.  We encourage our readers to click on the link to see the description.  All our taster got from it was dry red wine.

Vintage Marketing

Kobrand, Table 42:  St. Francis Old Vines Zinfandel:  Dry. Red. Wine.

Wine Partners, Table 47:  Black Ink.  We did not try this, but, our adjacent party did.  One of the members mentioned she liked the label, and thought the name was great.  It is a dry red wine, if we remember correctly.

Rudi Wiest, Table 52:  Gunderloch Riesling Kabinett “Jean Baptiste”.  It was described by Rudi Wiest Intelligence as, “off dry.”  It was off dry.

Premium Beer

Boston Beer Company, Table 56:  Jack O’Traveler.  We tasted more beer than pumpkin.

NA Breweries, Table 61:  Magic Hat Vamplifier.  We liked the name.  Tastes like beer.  We could not taste any of the subtleties its webpage mentions.

The food was WONDERFUL!!


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