Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits 10/11/16 Review

Of Love And Dreams To Share

Our experience of the Southern-Glazer’s Fall Tastings 2016.

First impressions: the Southern-Glazer’s Tasting was smaller than the Standard Tasting 8 days before it.  The food was not as good (for us).  It was NOT BY ANY MEANS BAD, (we made a couple a few several, we made several trips back to it…throughout the night) but, we enjoyed the options at the hotel more than at Prairie Band Casino.

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We wanted to hit the display floor right away, but, a woman at the door to the Tasting asked, “Did you enter the raffle.”  We did so quasi-reluctantly; there was nothing there we really wanted or needed, but, oh, why not.

Some of our party got there a little after the doors opened (at 17:00) and stayed for almost two hours, until the Tasting ended.

None of us left before quarter to 19:00.

We must admit, we did not try as many drinks as we did at the Standard Tasting.  As a matter of fact, our favorite drink at the Southern-Glazer’s Fall Tastings 2016 was the casino’s coffee (it was GREAT!).  We did not try as many drinks as we had marked in our booklet.  Our party ate, drank, ate, walked around, ate, and talked to people — you know, the usual.  We tried drinks, but, by minute amounts; some of us may not had enough of the alcohol to taste and experience it fully.

This tasting had 47 tables.  We did not go to all of them because not all of them appealed to us.  (Dry. Red. Wine.)  Here is what we have marked.

Have A Cup of Cheer!!

Table 2 — Santa Margherita USA:  We have Lamole Chianti Classico, Sassoregale, and Feudo Zirtari Rosso marked in our booklet.  We tried none of these.  There were other things to try, and these did not make the cut.

Table 5 — Copper Cane Wine:  Carne Humana White Blend.  Did not try.  Found better things to try.

Table 11 — San Antonio Winery:  Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti.  Did not have this marked to try, but, it was like a Sirens Song to walk past this table.  Marked, “Lovely,” on the page.  Sweet, crisp on the tongue.

Table 12 — E&J Gallo:  Rum Haven Coconut Rum.  Marked.  Did not try.

Table 13 — Stone Hill Winery:  Hermansberger.  Marked.  Did not try.

Table 16 — Constellation Brands.  Did not have anything marked in the booklet.  Siren Song: Serpents Bite.  “Apple Cider-like  spice & sweet”.

As We Drink Egg Nog

Table 20 — Bronco Wine Company:  Blanc de Bleu.  We had tried this last year and because of this, one of us bought a small 187mL bottle.  It is good, BUT, astoundingly dry.  Blue, sparkly, and fun, it smells of blueberries, but, again, tastes dry.  Some people can taste the blueberries.

Table 21 — American Beverage Marketers:  Coco Real and Blueberry Real.  Marked.  Did not try.

Table 22 — Serralles:  Don Q Coconut Rum and Kringle Cream.  Did not try the Coconut Rum (could not handle it at the point we got around to this table).  The Kringle Cream — “Buttery, Nutty, Sweet,” is what was marked.  These were the words of Serralles Intelligence behind the table.  Perhaps we were a bit influenced because, the drink was not outstanding.

Table 24 — Castle Brands / KS Clean:  Jefferson’s Very Small Batch and Goslings Black Seal Rum:  Marked.  Did not try.

Table 27 — Sazerac & Monsieur Henri:  Cane Run, Tuaca, Amaretto di Amore, and Boston Egg Nog.  Tried the Boston Egg Nog only.  “Rice puddingy”.  It was very pleasant!

Table 29 — Oceans Vodka:  Ocean Organic Vodka.  Not marked.  Had it not been for the photograph, we would have forgotten to include this.  The vodka is made with sugar cane and ocean water.  We found it a bit strong.

Peace On Earth to Everyone And Abundance to Everyone You’re With

Table 30 — BuzzBallz:  Pumpkin Pie Eater.  Seasonal Flavor.  This was the first drink we tried right after we ate.  We possibly should have waited to drink it; if you know BuzzBallz, you know you’re not going anywhere after downing an entire 200mL.  Could taste a little bit of pumpkin spices at the end.  BuzzBallz Intelligence told us it was because it was not cold that we could not taste all that this flavor has to offer.

Table 37 — Beam Suntory:  Laphroaig Select.  Got talked into trying it.  “$41.99  Smokey!”  Not big on the whiskey, but, would recommend this.

Table 40 — Prairie Creek Beverage:  JR Ewing Bourbon.  Marked.  Did not try.

Table 46 — Fifth Generation – Tito’s Vodka:  Tito’s Vodka.  Marked.  Tried it.  Made with corn (gluten free).  Not what we were expecting, it was not as smooth as we would have liked.

Prairie Band Casino bottled water.
Mini Blanc de Bleu bottles.

img_2829 img_2830

Drinks & Swag offered at the Southern-Glazer's WIne and Spirits Fall Tastings 2016.
Jagermeister products. They only had Jagermeister. We found out that they were getting rid of the Spiced Jagermeister. Jagermeister was giving away frosted shot glasses. Jagermeister, Jagermeister, Jagermeister.

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The Raffle!

We came out of the conference rooms where the Tasting was held and, oh, just for kicks and giggles, checked our raffle tickets.

And one of our employees won a raffle — a Dart Board Set and Bocce Ball Set!

She was going to try her luck at gambling at the casino, but she remembered, she entered for three of the five raffles…and she won one.  Those are not good odds at a casino.

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