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Retail Store Benefits — We enable your small business to grow by leveraging our hard work. Get the benefits you need from a specialized industry point of sale system.

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Why Should You Buy Cheers POS?

It’s Really Too Much To Put Into Words.

  • All Inclusive — Distributors, Invoice/Purchase Orders, Time Clock, Customers, Employees, and more can be put into your Cheers POS System.

  • Complex yet easy to use cash register — You have all of your sales, records, and reports within your Cheers POS system.  Everything you need is at the touch of a button.  Cheers POS is complex but not complicated.

  • Always With You — You can check on your store on any Internet capable device wherever there is Internet connection.

  • Customer Support — Read step-by-step instructions, watch videos, or call a real person in the United States who has used the product in a real world setting, we will help you however is best for you.

  • No Competition — There IS NO OTHER cloud based point of sale system marketed to the alcohol and wine industries.  We have designed our product specifically for you and your business.

  • Small business matters — Get the retail store benefits that best suit your business practices.

Call us today to receive more information. Fill out this form to register for a free trial.

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Get the #1 liquor store point of sale and grow your sales this year.

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Cheers POS will call you to verify this information for security purposes.

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We are real people and we are about your people, your

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Your Cheers POS system accommodates all the people that make your business your business and we promise you, we will provide you the best value [for the price.] Call us to find out more and how you can try a free demo of the Cheers POS system beginning today.