A Powerful All-in-One Point of Sale

Intuitive and User Friendly

Cheers Point of Sale register interface was designed with the cashier in mind. It is simple, powerful, and easy to navigate. Quickly access pinned items, search your inventory, and attach your loyal customers. 


Attaches Loyal Customers To Transactions

Cheers Point of Sale allows you to look up your customers by name, phone number, or loyalty card.  You can check the record of a customer’s previous purchases to better market to the customer in the future.


Handles Multiple Manufacture UPC's

Sometimes breweries have the same barcode for different seasonal items.  Cheers POS has a way to keep track of knowing how much of a fall, winter, or summer item you’ve sold.

Accepts Split Payments

Cheers POS provides your customers payment flexibility during a transaction.  A purchase can accept cash, gift card, credit or debit card, and/or check.  Allow what is best for your business and the customer’s ease of mind, as well as have an edge over your competitors.

Pins Top Selling Items

Every store has top selling items.  Some items are heavy for your customers or don’t have a valid UPC to scan. Cheers POS provides an option to have these items on the sale screen without having to scan them. 

What Our Customers Have to Say

Cheers is awesome and super easy to get around and use, not to mention the people helping you are great help and always get back to you as soon as possible. Good system, good people.

Jim Jordan

Manager NOTO Liquor Topeka KS

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