Get Meaningful Reporting and Analytics

Smart Inventory Management

Develop an edge over your sales representatives and competitors when trends develop. Quickly analyze your store’s inventory movement performance to see what you need before placing this month’s order.

Assemble Your Monthly Sales Tax Report in less time

Cheers POS generates your monthly sales tax report to make your monthly state tax reporting easy. Go back any time to view or generate a Cheers POS sales report from the past.

Quickly view sales taxes from different types of products

Cheers POS provides you with the ability to generate a monthly sales tax report so the next time you need a report that shows you different sales taxes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic products, you can count on Cheers.

Shift and End of Day Reports

If your store only has one register and you currently run one shift throughout the day, our system allows you to keep sales under one shift. If your store has multiple registers and multiple shifts, it’s easy to close and open shifts based on your business preferences.

TL,DR: Allows for closing of shifts without closing the register

Employee Time Clock Report

Cheers POS tracks your employee’s work hours. It builds a report that calculates the total amount of hours worked from your staff for any given week. Cheers POS does the hard work so you no longer have to spend countless hours weekly calculating shift hours.

What Our Customers Have to Say

T and C Liquors highly recommends Cheers! We couldn’t be happier with the two systems that we got from Cheers. Edgar and Manuel took the time to come out and demonstrate their product, and allowed us time to make our decision without hassle. After the guys came out to setup, it was just a matter of a couple hours to get a good handle on everything. Everything is easy and hassle free, but if there is an issue the guys will get it remedied ASAP!


Store Owner T&C Liquor Kansas CIty

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