• Software

          Designed with liquor stores and general retail in mind built from the ground up. Our complete Point of Sale solution includes:

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        • Point of Sale

        • Reporting and Analysis

        • Wholesale and Clubs

        • Credit Card Processing

        • Customer Loyalty

        • Vendor Integrations

        • Compatible Hardware

          Cheers POS is adaptable and is able to work with many pieces of hardware. A highly compatible software solution.

        • Back office

          Work from anywhere you have access to internet. Get daily sales reports, update employee permissions and more.

        • Merchant Processing

          With Cheers POS you get the freedom to choose who you use as a processor we make it easy.

        • Partner Ecosystems

          Access applications you need from accounting, social media and management.

        • Customer Support

          We’ve got your store covered with call, text and chat features so help is always available.

        • Security and Backups

          Our point of sale has multiple forms of security so your cloud store is safe and we take pride in backing up your data daily.

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Gift Shop POS

If you have a gift shop pos along with your winery or cigar shop, or even if your liquor store is allowed to sell more than alcohol, Cheers POS is YOUR gift shop point of sale system.  We are a retail point of sale system, a gift shop POS, therefore our system has the fields to include any of your retail items.

The Cheers POS system can incorporate all your inventory because we know your business is your everything.  Owning your own business is involved but Cheers POS is not.  You shouldn’t have to choose between a point of sale system not designed for your needs and no point of sale system at all.  We came out with Cheers POS because we wanted to give our customers the obvious choice.

Whether you have to card to sell your products or selling a card as your product, your Cheers Point of Sale System can do it all for your business


Though your Cheers Point of Sale system was set up for products requiring carding, it will just as easily sell anything your liquor store or gift shop has to offer your patrons.  From novelty shot glasses to disposable shot glasses to fireworks, you can incorporate all of your inventory into your Cheers POS system.  We have set up Cheers POS for alcohol, but, our solution sells any retail item you have.

Upload up to 30,000+ items of inventory in under two minutes in your Cheers POS System.