General Questions

FAQ about Cheers POS and our company.

Cheers POS is the cloud based point of sale system designed for liquor stores and wine shops. It is the cash register that can run your entire specialized retail business.

“Cloud Based,” means that everything you do on this point of sale/cash register system is done via the Internet. You will go to a website to log in to your store and from there you will login to your cash register.

“Point of Sale System,” is a new-speak way of saying, “cash-register.” This is where a sale is rung up, where you enter items (either by UPC Number or scanning), enter the payment, and print out the receipt, but, since the cash register is not part of the till, the new word for this is, “point of sale system.”

Cheers POS can sell other items besides alcohol.  We can also sell Lottery tickets and items not requiring carding.

It can run your entire liquor store business(es) because it is so much more than just a cash register.

Cheers POS has been designed and tested by liquor store owners and workers in an actual retail liquor store.  It was made by liquor store owners for liquor store owners; we know the alcohol business.  We can implement the feedback you give us and update the system to help everybody else.

Furthermore, since Cheers POS is Internet based, you can check in on your store anywhere you have the ability to get onto the Internet. Check your store from inside your store or from halfway around the word or anywhere else.

Starting as low as $79.00 per month for our system. This gives you access to all of your store (cash register & back office), unlimited support for the Cheers POS System during business hours, and all updates.  There may also be an initial cost for hardware, if you would like to purchase the hardware from us.

The purchase of gift cards and the ability to use them within the system will be an additional price.  Contact us at or 844-342-8767 for more information.

“All updates,” means that when we change something in the Cheers POS System, you will automatically have that change — you do not have to insert software, download the new information, and then restart your system. We update the system and you will have it as it happens, with no more than a refreshing of the page.  You will not be waiting or lagging behind for your new bells & whistles.

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We are open Monday – Friday, 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, excluding holidays.

We are a small company with a skeleton crew located 100% in Kansas.  Other companies can afford to outsource their business to call centers or overseas.  We cannot afford that.  When you call, during business hours, you will speak to somebody who has either developed Cheers POS and/or actively used it in a real liquor store to ring up customers between the duties needed to be completed before closing the store for the night.  We tangibly know this product, not just from what we have heard through inbound call training.  During business hours, we can help you, but, we need some downtime, too.

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No. Cheers POS is entirely cloud based. In order to access your store at all, you must log in through a website.

We suggest you get a generator to keep the system up and running for a little bit longer. We also recommend you go to any electronic store and get a hot-spot device so that you can still keep access to the Internet and your store.

Please contact us right away.  Will will take care of it in less than 5 minutes once we are aware of this situation.

Yes, we offer a 21 day free trial.  E-mail us your information requested in this link and we will verify your information.  From there, once verified and approved, you will have access to a demo version of Cheers POS.  

Hardware Questions

FAQ about the hardware we recommend and provide for your Cheers POS System.

We currently offer somewhat different hardware options for Windows and iPad.

That is correct, we have designed Cheers POS to be compatible with both operating systems.  We have tested Cheers POS with both of them and found peak performance in both systems.  You get to choose which system you are more comfortable with, meaning you do not need to learn another operating system just to operate your store.

We cannot provide a set price because

  1. You may not need all the hardware we offer and
  2. We update our hardware options.

Please contact us at or 844-342-8767 to see what we can do for your current needs.

If you would like to look online to see if you can purchase the equipment at a different price (perhaps you already have some pieces of compatible hardware), you may do that as well.

Your will first be billed your monthly $79.00 when you are fully signed up with Cheers POS.

Inventory Questions

FAQ about installing your inventory into your Cheers POS System.

Once your inventory is in the Cheers POS System, yes.

One of our Cheerful Technicians can take a look at the file you export from your current operating system.  Your file will be reviewed and then we will determine if your inventory can be imported into your Cheers POS System or if the data needs to be input by hand.

Credit Card Processing

FAQ about our credit card processors.

Absolutely! We understand this is important to all business owners. This is why Cheers POS will match or beat your current credit card processing rates. Guaranteed! 

Cheers POS has several processors that we believe offer the best services. 

Returns, Exchanges, Buy Backs, & Cancellation Questions

FAQ about our cancellation of your Cheers POS Store and our Return, Exchange, and Buy Back Policies.

(Please note, “item(s),” “hardware,” & “accessories,” may be used interchangeably.)
–All Buy Backs, Refunds, and Exchanges must be returned with all original items and in all original packaging.  For a Buy Back, Refund, or Exchange, all products must be used with proper and normal use.
–Cheers POS uses FedEx for all our delivery and pick-ups.
–Cheers POS will e-mail a return label to the e-mail we have on file.  We will send FedEx for pickup at your store.
–Upon approval of return of your item(s), Cheers POS will pay for shipping.

(Please note, “item(s),” “hardware,” & “accessories,” may be used interchangeably.)
If you cancel your service with Cheers POS, you may still keep all the items of hardware you purchased.  This is your property, it is yours to keep for your needs, whether you want it for personal or business use.

Never Gonna Use It Again?
If you purchased your hardware from Cheers POS and you find you do not need the hardware you purchased for any of your needs, business or personal, you may sell it back to Cheers POS; Cheers POS will buy back any of the hardware you purchased.  Please note, because the items have been used, Cheers POS will buy back the item(s) at a discounted rate.  If you would like to sell the item(s) back, or if we can assist you in any way to help you retain your Cheers POS system(s), please give us a call at 844-342-8767.

Please call us immediately and we will make arrangements to get you up and running.

(Please note, “item(s),” “hardware,” & “accessories,” may be used interchangeably.)
Exchanges must be made within thirty (30) calendar days of purchase.  Any exchanged item(s) must still be in the original and new condition in which they were received.  Item(s) must include all the original accessories that came with the item(s).  Item(s) must be in the original packaging in which it was packaged.  Upon approval of return, Cheers POS will pay for shipping.
To return: Please submit photographs of the item(s) you would like to return to  Include your store’s name and the reason for return in your e-mail’s Subject Line.

(Please note, “item(s),” “hardware,” & “accessories,” may be used interchangeably.)
Refunds for hardware are available within thirty (30) calendar days of purchase, unless otherwise noted.  Shipping charges at the time of sale are non-refundable.  Refunded items must still be in the original and new condition in which they were received.  Item(s) must include all the original accessories that came with the item(s).  Item(s) must be in the original packaging in which it was packaged.  Upon approval of return, Cheers POS will pay for shipping.

We are sorry we could not be your solution.

(Please note, “store,” “back office,” and, “system,” may be used interchangeably.)
–Upon cancellation of your Cheers POS store, you will have access to your Cheers POS back office for thirty (30) consecutive days beginning the day of cancellation.  Cancellation will take effect immediately as you will not be able to update the data within your Cheers POS store.
–Your records will still be available for your viewing for a limited time.  You will still have access to your Cheers POS store for thirty (30) consecutive days beginning the day of cancellation since you may need to manage and export your data and/or make arrangements for the next system you choose.
–Cheers POS will be available to help you for technical assistance for the thirty (30) calendar days you still have access to your Cheers POS system after cancellation.
–Your account will be available for you to re-open within thirty (30) days of your cancellation.
–After ninety (90) days, your store(s) data will be subject to complete deletion.  Until this time, you may re-open your store without having to enter all of your data anew.
–You will be billed for one calendar month more after canceling your Cheer’s POS store.

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