Feeling Lucky? Donald Trump and The Third Debate



Donald Trump brought it like Sinatra in Vegas last night.

We’re not going to go over everything, just what our correspondent (the one employee who watched the debate) remembers.  For the full debate, please check out the NBC coverage.  The debate begins at 32:50 and ends at 2:06:00.  It was a good debate.  Both candidates were very composed.  Donald Trump had his sense of humor ready.  As a matter of fact, he had lots of knowledge ready.  He was speaking from his mind and heart whereas Hillary kept looking at notes.  That could have been so that she remembered to bring up certain points (not everybody is a public speaker, though, she’s had 30 years of experience), or, so she remembered what she had said before.  Here is a transcript of what was said.  Politico did not include all the times DJT got a laugh.

These are in no particular order, and merely what our employee remembers from the debate.  Our employee thought that Hillary was dressed like Chairman Mao, then saw Hillary in white and Donald in black and it reminded our employee of Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy.


  1. Hillary Clinton mentioned how Donald Trump took out a $100,000 full page ad in the New York Times in 1987 to state he disagreed with President Ronald Reagan.
    Donald Trump admitted he did take out an ad because he disagreed with Reagan on trade, a critical point Hillary left out.  (President Reagan was an actor & a GREAT politician (who else has gotten 49/50 states in an election EVER or SINCE?!!), but, Donald Trump is a businessman.  That is how he views things.  He kept emphasizing his points through a business filter.)
  2. Donald Trump mentioned two or three times that NAFTA was the WORST thing ever signed (and he did not let people forget that it was signed by Hillary’s husband, former President William Jefferson Clinton), and that, if he cannot work out great deals with it, after it is re-negotiated, he will get rid of it.  Again, note how he is viewing this from a BUSINESS mindset.
  3. He mentioned that a few times in the debates that, if something does not work, he will re-negotiate.  He kept bringing this up.  DJT mentioned that, as a country, we are not respected and we are losing out on deals.  He is approaching this as a businessman.

Hillary’s Fault

  1. Hillary mentioned that you could find certain information, because she released her taxes and Donald is the only candidate in 150 years of not releasing his taxes.  Then, she accused him of not paying income taxes.
    Donald admitted he did not pay taxes…because of laws Hillary passed.  She allowed the wealthy these tax breaks and he took advantage of them…as did her donors, Buffett & Soros
    Our employee loved this one so much she wanted the direct quote.


  1. Trump: We’re entitled because of the laws that people like her pass to take massive amounts of depreciation on other charges and we do it. And all of her donors, just about all of them. I know Buffett took hundreds of millions of dollars. Soros, George Soros took hundreds of millions of dollars.  [Interruption]  –Let me just explain. All of her donors. Most of her donors —  [Interruption]  Have done the same thing as I did. And you know what she should have done? You know Hillary, what you should have done? You should have changed the law when you were a United States senator if you don’t like it —  [Interruption]  because your donors and special interests are doing the same thing as I do except even more so. You should have changed the law, but you won’t change the law because you take in so much money. I sat in my apartment today on a very beautiful hotel down the street.  [Interruption]  I will tell you I sat there. I sat there watching ad after ad after ad, all false ads, all paid for by your friends on Wall Street that gave so much money because they know you’re going to protect them. And frankly, you should have changed the laws. If you don’t like what I did, you should have changed the laws.

America vs. The World

  1. Trump: Wait one second. They had a cease-fire three weeks ago. A ceasefire: United States, Russia, Syria. And during the cease-fire, Russia took over vast swathes of land and then they said we don’t want the cease-fire anymore. We are so outplayed on missiles, on ceasefires. They are outplayed. She wasn’t there. I assume she had nothing to do with it, but our country is so outplayed by Putin and Assad and, by the way, and by Iran. Nobody can believe how stupid our leadership is.  We mention this because a) we did not know this happened and b) again, note how he pays attention to this.  This is business.  We all promised something, then one party takes advantage.  Russia would not have had the opportunity to do this in the past, the United States was too big a key player.  How did this happen?  This CANNOT happen in the future.

Facts vs. Hillary

  1. Hillary kept trying to tie DJT to President Vladimir Putin.
    DJT mentioned in the debate he doesn’t know the guy.
  2. Either Chris Wallace or HRC mentioned DJT & the 9 women who have accused him of inappropriate conduct.
    DJT reiterates that these accusations have largely been debunked, admits he does not know these women, and surmises they are wanting fame…or that the Hillary Camp is behind it.
  3. DJT mentioned Hillary talks…but, that’s all she does.  She gets NOTHING done.  She talks.  We LOVED this one because DJT, the businessman, gets stuff done.  That’s what he does.  Search, “Donald Trump and the Skating Rink,” in an Internet search engine of your choosing.  Donald Trump — He Gets Things Done!
  4. India’s GDP is growing at 9%.  China’s is growing at 8%.  We’re at 1%.  DJT mentioned these numbers because this is what is important to him.
  5. DJT mentioned some big players, powerful countries, countries we are helping, and asked, why aren’t they paying.  He mentioned, one year after asking this, they were paying.  He went on to say he’s going to renegotiate our trade deals and renegotiate NAFTA or get rid of it.

The Government and Businesses

  1. Hillary mentioned that DJT shipped jobs to Mexico.  Our employee’s thought was: at least he created jobs.
  2. Hillary mentioned that he bought Chinese steel to make his buildings.
    DJT didn’t at all deny this but again, put the blame on Hillary telling her, ‘Make it impossible for me,’ not in a sarcastic way, but, in a way that government (Hillary) has allowed him to do this.
  3. Donald caught Hillary in lies, commented about it and corrected her.
  4. DJT interrupted Hillary.  Some may think this was disrespectful, but, pretty much every time he interjected his comments to something she said, he got a laugh.  Our favorite:
    HRC: There was even a time when he didn’t get an Emmy for his TV program three years in a row and he started tweeting that the Emmys were rigged against him.
    Trump: Should have gotten it.


HRC tried to put DJT on the defensive but Donald was not having it.

Please remember, on November 8, 2016 (or sooner, if you are able to do Early Voting), to vote pro businesses.  There is only one businessman running to become the next President of the United States and we need him for business.  Businesses, we need somebody who will make businesses great again, who will make America great again SO THAT our businesses could be great again.  The Donald repeatedly mentioned how businesses (because of NAFTA) were shut down and once bustling businesses are now shuttered.  Donald Trump has created jobs whereas Hillary Clinton has NEVER created a job.  There is only one pro-job candidate in the 2016 United States Presidential Election and may he be voted in to The Office!


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