Keep Your Customers Loyal

Customer Loyalty Program

Cheers POS has an internal feature that allows you to provide your special customers with rewards when they shop at your store. You can give back to the customers who make your business successful.

Customer Purchase Insight

Cheers POS gives you the means to discover what your customers like to purchase. Our Customer Habit Report gives you the ability to better understand your regular customers’ purchase habits so you can purchase new, similar products they might enjoy.

Customer Transaction History

Cheers POS collects your customer’s purchase transactions. You can quickly lookup past transactions of a specific customer in case of an issue or to reprint a receipt.

Text Message Your Loyal Customers

Cheers POS makes it easy to quickly send out announcements, promotions, and personal messages to your loyal customers. Leverage our internal SMS texting tool and strengthen the communication channel between you and your faithful customers.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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