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Besides us being founded by liquor store owners who customized Cheers POS for liquor and wine shops; a small business; located 100% in the United States of America, and besides Cheers POS being highly secure, EMV ready, able to ring up sales from a computer or iPad, able to produce all your purchase orders and invoicing within the Cheers POS system, customizable for you, and besides us knowing our product thoroughly, and besides you having the ability to talk to knowledgeable customer support about our complete retail point of sale system, AND being able to check in on your retail store when you are not there, how is your Cheers POS a complete retail pos AND different from other retail pos systems?

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Cheers POS Can

  • Support small, medium, AND large businesses.
  • Support massive inventory, importing up to 30,000+ items at once.
  • Send purchase orders directly to all your distributors and sales representatives; they get notified instantly when you need inventory.
  • Manage 50,000+ different SKU’s and bar codes.
  • Generate all your needed reports.
  • Work with your computer’s printer to print labels.
  • Update effortlessly and seamlessly your new purchase orders into our complete retail point of sale system.

Cheers POS Has

  • FREE label printing.
  • Two customized price tag labels sized to fit exactly on your shelves.
  • An intuitive cash register that recognizes different items with the same bar code.  If you have a seasonal winter 6 pack that has the same bar code as a seasonal summer 6 pack, Cheers POS can differentiate between the two.

Cheers POS Is

  • Only for liquor and wine stores.
This is not all Cheers POS can do for you.  Our retail point of sale system offers more options for your business than what we have listed here.  Since we are marketing our complete retail pos to an exclusive niche, we can customize our system for the benefit of all our customers.  If you have questions or suggestions on what we can alter on Cheers POS to benefit your alcohol or wine business, let us know.  Our retail point of sale system was made for your business and we will keep it that way.