Chicago Cubs Trump FBI

Go, Cubs, Go!

The Chicago Cubs made history yesterday (or today, depending on your timezone).  That was then (1908), this is now.  The Chicago Cubs won The 2016 World Series in Cleveland, Ohio, in Game 7 (deciding game), in extra innings, AFTER a rain delay AFTER the 9th inning.  If it was fiction, nobody would believe the script; we would all scoff at the premise.


But it happened.  The Cubs have been a brand since 1903.  They won two consecutive World Series in 1907 & 1908.  EVERYBODY (most people, anyway) in Chicago & the Chicago-land area has heard of the Billy Goat Curse.  Many people across the country (and even more now) have heard about this.  There is a chain of Billy Goat Tavern’s in Chicago, IL.  What is the tavern famous for serving?  “Cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger!”  If you want Coke?  “No Coke!  Pepsi!”  This business, the Chicago Cubs, have links and publicity to other businesses, namely the Billy Goat Tavern, Pepsi, and Budweiser.

How did the Billy Goat Tavern become successful?  From Wikipedia: “The first location, at 1855 W. Madison St., was opened in 1934 when William “Billy Goat” Sianis bought the Lincoln Tavern, near Chicago Stadium, for $205 with a bounced check (he made good on it with the proceeds from the first weekend they were open). When the 1944 Republican National Convention came to town, he posted a sign saying “No Republicans allowed,” causing the place to be packed with Republicans demanding to be served. Of course, a great deal of publicity followed, which Sianis characteristically took advantage of.[3]”  Brilliant Business Tactics.

Furthermore, one of our employees remembers growing up in the (south-side, which is White Sox territory) suburbs of Chicago, and VAGUELY remembers these commercials and their commercial tie in to the team.

Even today, you are able to buy Budweiser and Pepsi products, if you go to Wrigley Field, (1060 W. Addison, Chicago, IL 60613).

Current Events

Supposedly, the FBI is close to indicting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the 2016 United States Presidential Election is less than one week away, yet The Chicago Cubs are trending on social media.  This game made history.  It had been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series.  A lot of jokes have been made that, “X,” didn’t exist the last time the Chicago Cubs were in the World Series, but, the biggest thing is that The First World War hadn’t happened.  The Cubs Franchise and the world has changed since WWI, in part because of the economy and commercialism.  The Cubs have marketed themselves well and people know their brand.

Forbes magazine valued the Cubs at $2.2 billion in 2016, ranking them 21st out of all sports franchises in the world, and the fifth highest in all MLB.[116] In 2013, they were ranked 31st out of all franchises.[117]

We guess that will be updated within the next 365 days.

Congratulations to the 2016 World Series Chicago Cubs!  Fly the W!


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