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Today is Day 22 of WikiLeaks releasing the Podesta e-mails.  We are about one week away (remember to vote on Tuesday, November 8) from the 2016 United States Presidential Election and Project Veritas has released substantial videos.  The FBI is has mentioned that they are not done researching one of our candidate’s e-mails, albeit to an unrelated case.  And, one month ago, “Dilbert,” comic strip cartoonist, Scott Adams, has endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States, Why I Switched My Endorsement from Clinton to Trump.  A few days ago, he reiterates his position, The Bully Party.  Not only has #PodestaEmails[#] and #ProjectVeritas been trending, #DrainTheSwamp has been hashed.


The United States has an opportunity to make a change from electing a politician to electing a businessman.  How many times have we gotten the e-mail saying if we do not re-elect anybody in office currently, we could have a new government in X amount of years?  We have that opportunity now.  There is NO reason to vote Hillary Clinton, she has NO BUSINESS running the country.  We have heard that Trump has no experience.  He does not have any formal political experience, but, a businessman surely knows how to play politics.  Furthermore, Trump has created jobs.  Hillary has not.

Why We Don’t Like Politicians

Businesses MUST be transparent and the system we have in the United States assures choices for the customers.  We do not like monopolies; we don’t even like the game, “Monopoly,” though we all know it.  Americans do not like politicians telling us how to run our businesses.  Politicians know politics, they do not care about businesses.  They care about themselves, getting elected, getting re-elected, and getting their agenda implemented.  Businesses serve us whereas politicians claim to serve us.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt and they do know businesses, and what is good for businesses, how much more do they have in front of them to address, that is to say, what they may want to do for businesses are not the only pressing issue for them.  Whether local, State, or Federal, politicians have more to worry about than just businesses…whether or not they understand business.


Businesses sell goods or services, politicians sell themselves.  Businesses must tell the truth and provide what they claim, lest they lose business.  Politicians never have this obligation imposed upon them; they poll and tell people what they think the people want to hear.  Politicians want to get into office to change things; that is their goal.  Businesses want to make money, that is their goal.  Politicians may have good intentions and want to change things for the better.  They realize, however, it’s not as easy as they would like and that there are a lot of limits and bedfellows in politics.  Businesses have more freedom as to how they want to operate.  The only thing that limits businesses is the government.

We control our money and future depending on which businesses we support; this is harder in/with politics because there’s other people voting (and possibly fraud).  Other people can decide on your money as you can decide on what happens to their money.  We elect our officials…who then regulate our businesses.  Furthermore, things change in politics and government.  A disaster can strike or a scandal may erupt; we cannot control that.  Businesses allow us to have control over our lives, governments control (regulate?) our lives.  If we do not like a certain business for any reason, we can spend our money elsewhere.  If we do not like our politicians, we cannot have the immediate gratification of change.

Us vs. Them

Businesses give us what we want: they have to in order to remain operational.  Politicians give us what (they think) we want to hear…until they get elected, then they give us what they want (Read My Lips: No New Taxes.  If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.  Period.  Full stop.)

Businesses operate on a functional or fail basis.  Also, pyramid schemes not allowed.  Politics are dysfunctional…at best.

Businesses and politics — both have brand loyalty…though, political party’s can change and politicians can do things to cause a person to not vote that party anymore.

How They Work

Businesses must do what they can to keep customers.  Politicians make promises every, “X,” amount of years when they are looking to get (re-) elected.  They will swing to the extreme to get the nomination, then swing to the middle to get the office.  Politicians do not depend on the people for their sole survival, they are not as dependent on what they provide to people as businesses are.  Also, we are more familiar with businesses on a more frequent basis.  Politicians are more impersonal to us; we read about them in media, but, we do not see them every day, week, or two.  Maybe each month…at best…at a City Council Meeting.

Businesses will recall products if they are harmful or defective (tires, Samsung, New Coke, high chairs, food contamination).  Politicians: it is up to us to recall these men & women if they are harmful or defective.

Businesses will own up to making mistakes.  Politicians do not even begin to do this.  They will make whatever happened not their fault by any means necessary.  Businesses do not have this luxury.  They may cloak their statements in mental reserves, but, they will…in a way…own up to their mistakes.

Out of Our Control

What do we want in our politicians?  We as individuals know what we want in our products for ourselves and we can go to websites & find reviews for businesses and determine how we want to proceed.  We see politicians records, sometimes from them, sometimes from their opponents, but, do we believe the reviews we see about them?  Voters have certain issues they want to see addressed; if a politician agrees with us, they are a shoe-in, regardless of the rest of their record.  We are that blindsided focused when it comes to our politicians.  What value will they provide to us?  To find out is Russian Roulette.

Speaking about roulette, one of the 2016 United States Presidential Candidates had a casino.  That candidate is still running businesses.  If he can run businesses for the people, then he can run a country of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Businesses are real, politicians are fake — note how this businessman talks, he has told his opponent she’d be in jail.  He also has doubled down and been honest with interviewers.  Politicians, as we have seen from his opponent’s e-mails, stage things…and sometimes they do not remember things they told one party or at one particular point.  This one man, though, has multiple businesses and a lot happening in his life, he does not want to do this, he elects to do it because he wants this country, which has helped him so much be better.

We have the opportunity to elect a businessman as the President of the United States.  A real, unadulterated businessman.  No political experience.  We have our opportunity now to change the system.  We have the opportunity to elect somebody who isn’t just giving us the business.


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